Fantastic February Vacations


Tea Goncalves, Staff Writer

February vacation is coming quick and students at Ludlow High School are patiently waiting for their week off, and during vacation students have a variety of activities planned.

Sophomore Mary Tessier is taking a trip to Boston to visit her aunt and uncle. She’s excited to meet her new cousins. “Besides that I will definitely be catching up on sleep,” says Tessier.

Freshman Fiona Campbell is heading to Washington DC for break and couldn’t be more excited. “My family and I are going to visit family and see some of the cool sites around Washington D.C.,” says Campbell. “I hope that we get to see the White House.”

For seniors this is their last February vacation and even some of their final weeks being a part of a winter sports team.

Senior Tasha Kwatowski is playing in her final game with the Ludlow Girls Basketball team on Monday. “I feel sad because I won’t be playing high school basketball again,” says Kwatowski. Besides that, she is going to South Carolina to play with the soccer players on her upcoming college soccer team.