The busy yet manageable life of David Hill


Ben Taylor, Sports Editor

Life is a balancing act for Ludlow High School paraprofessional David Hill. Between spending time with his daughter, working three jobs, and pursuing an education, there is little time left for sleep or playing video games — two things that Hill sometimes misses.

Hill’s number one priority is one-year-old Makenna Hill — his daughter who he nicknamed Sharkey because she was born during the cable television’s run of Shark Week. Hill splits custody with Sharkey’s mom. When she’s not with mom or dad, she’s at daycare. “Which costs $600 per month,” complains Hill.

His daughter is the source of his motivation and happiness.

“I want to feed myself, keep a roof over my head, and provide the same for Sharkey,” he says. “No one else gives you the freedom to live so you have to get up and work for yourself.”

And that’s exactly what he does when he’s not with Sharkey. Hill works at three jobs: he is a paraprofessional at the school, a salesperson at Men’s Wearhouse in Enfield, Connecticut. He is also going to be part of the Multicultural Community Services (MCS).

Hill’s work ethic comes from his mother. “My mother is my inspiration because she’s strong and works really hard and makes me want to work really hard in my life.”

Being a paraprofessional at Ludlow High School, Hill helps students and teachers with the lessons the teachers have planned and helps students learn the material.. Being a salesperson at Men’s Wearhouse, he sells tuxedos for weddings and proms and anything else a tuxedo can be used for. At his newest job being in the Multicultural Community Service, he works with high-functioning grown autistic men.

Hill also has hobbies that he squeezes i between his busy schedule. He plays basketball at a Dunbar Community Center in a 35 years and older men’s league.s.

He likes to plant as well, mostly houseplants, as he yells “Planting is great!” while pacing in and out of the room.

While dealing with three jobs and his daughter, Hill is also going back to finish college at Westfield State University to be a Clinician. A Clinician is a therapist or counselor. Since he works three jobs and has his daughter to look after, Hill has barely time to sleep now, especially with school work he needs to complete.

Hill explains why he wanted to go back to school: “I love helping people, and since it makes them feel good to be helped, it makes me feel good that I helped them.”

Hill’s personal goals are to be successful so that his daughter can grow up to be successful. His biggest fear in life is not being successful and not being able to accomplish his goals.

Hill’s dream job is the one that gets him the most money.

“Work smarter, not harder,” he laughs as he paces back and forth. He then darts out of the room to check on a student in the classroom next door, but returns quickly to continue the conversation. “My dream is to become a millionaire,” he pauses and looks out the window.

“But who doesn’t want to be a millionaire?”

See the video of David Hill answering an interview question: