Bringing the horror to Fright Fest

LHS student hired as make-up artist for Six Flags New England.


Sarah Stephenson, Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Fright Fest at Six Flags New England? Junior DeeDee Flebotte knows all the ins and outs of the horror. She is a hired make-up artist during Fright Fest, and creates anything from bullet wounds to creepy clowns.

She is the youngest of 10 make up artists for this year’s Fright Fest.

Flebotte got involved in “Halloween” make-up about a year and half ago. She was inspired by YouTube videos. “I went on to watch a different makeup video but then about a half hour later I was watching a video on how to create wounds and I just thought it looked really cool,” says Flebotte.

One of her friends that works at Six Flags told her about the job and when the interviews were to be held. 

At her interview Flebotte was told to bring in a portfolio of all the work she’s done. She had to tell them about her strengths, weaknesses and the amount of time it takes her to do each look. “It was nerve wracking,” says Flebotte, “It was my first job and I didn’t know what to expect. Also the people who scare had their interviews that day as well so two tables away from me people were legit screaming. That didn’t help,” Flebotte says between laughter.

Her specialty is wound simulations. This basically includes  scars, lacerations, and bullet holes. “Basically anything bloody,” says Flebotte.

Her favorite part of the job is learning more about special effect makeup and using new techniques and tools. “I also really love the people I work with,” adds Flebotte.

Her least favorite is how chilly it gets in the makeup room. “My hands get freezing,” says Flebotte, “It’s not like I can wear gloves.”

Flebotte plans on working there next season as well. Next time you see the scarers wandering Six Flags with impeccable bullet wounds and scary scars take a second look. Her work is truly horrifying, (in a good way of course.)

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