Esther Coelho: The Class of 2025’s Vice Presidential Candidate


Madelyn Ogorzalek, Feature Editor

In the Class of 2025, the candidate for Vice President is Esther Coelho, this year’s treasurer. But Esther is ready for the big leap: not only is she responsible, she knows the job well. Throughout the year, Esther has attended countless class meetings, where she has “given input and constructed ideas… to make this year count.” Through the meetings, Esther has learned that patience mixed with hustling gets things done—and she’s prepared to continue this as Vice President. 

The class of 2025 knows her input has paid off: Esther’s fundraising idea gave freshmen the chance to go to Mystic Aquarium, a difficult feat during a COVID year. 

Alongside joining student council, Esther has spent her time in sub-committees to make LHS a better place. From these committees, one of her favorite accomplishments is the allowance of AirPods around the school, and the committee is currently working to improve social-emotional learning.

Esther is also concerned with student input. To her, student input is what keeps a class together. She wants to let everyone know that “they have a voice.” She proves it too, the freshman class uses google forms and instagram polls to ask for student opinions, and the officers use these opinions as another voice in their discussion. She wants every student to see the changes they want at Ludlow High School. 

Next year, Esther Coelho has big plans. With the other officers, she wants to create new class merchandise, a fantastic success this year, and a tradition she’ll continue. Esther would also like to plan another fundraiser that allows students to have fun while raising money for their class. That way, the class will be able to lower the cost of their field trip while also enjoying their time together. 

By electing Esther, every student can ensure that she will “strive to make this upcoming year even better than the last.”