2018 Wrap-Up


Olivia Dinis, Staff Writer

I think we can all agree 2018 went by in a flash. Spirit weeks were won and lost, the class of 2018 graduated, stress was high, summer was short, and we survived. As 2018 comes to a close, let us take the opportunity to look back at everything that happened throughout this year:


We all survived midterms. Sleep deprived and highly caffeinated, midterms became the biggest form of stress that month. Seniors were just trying to make it through, freshmen were discovering what being in high school really meant. As study guides and Quizlets were made and forgotten, we survived. The boys and girls swim teams finished their season undefeated and all-league champs.




Seniors took a major step toward finishing the year. Depending on the person, hours or mere minutes were spent looking up senior quotes to turn in at the last minute. Caps and gowns were sold, senior show was underway. The National Honors Society accepted new members, a total of 52.



Spring sports began and prom tickets were sold. The Dodgeball Marathon brought the school together to raise money for the class of 2019. The winning team, Hit $ticks, was comprised of mainly seniors. The Senior Show took place on March 16th giving Seniors the ability to come even closer as a class. The class entertained with skits making fun of teachers, putting a spin on Jumanji, and embracing Ludlow culture. Students of Ludlow High School also participated in a school-wide walk-in, gathering in the auditorium to comemmorate the victims of the Parkland Shooting.

The 2017 Dodgeball Marathon winning team: Hit $ticks



Students grieved the loss of a fellow classmate—Class of 2021’s Nathan Carreira—by increasing the demand for suicide awareness around the school. Signs and posters were made and memorials were held in order to remember the young teenager who chose to take his own life. 

In contrast, Spring Spirit Week brought a happy end to the month, bringing classes together and increasing competition before the seniors bid farewell. Students dressed up for spirit days and played games against each other on the final day of the week, resulting in a win for the class of 2020.


The class of 2018 graduated, going out with a bang. The month began with prom, the golden age of Hollywood. Upperclassmen (with the occasional freshman or sophomore) partied the night away at Chez Josef. The month continued with several senior activities: class night, senior farewell, and senior walkthrough. It finally ended as the Class of 2018 tossed their caps and began the next stage of their lives.



With the seniors gone and school one-fourth emptier, students suffered with blistering heat and oppressive finals. Ugh. It was a llllloooonnnggg month. School finally ended at the very end of June, which meant a lot of normal classes turned to DLT’s. Finals acted as the last form of stress before we were all set free for summer.

July & August:

Summer!!!!!!! With no summer reading (except for AP Kids) students had a lot more time to… do absolutely nothing.



Summer passed quickly and school started once again. Festa brought some life back to people before the real work finally started. Teachers and students alike dragged themselves to school everyday. Sports started, for 80% of Ludlow, that means soccer; you either watched or played. The heat stuck around and life as we know it returned back to normal.



The first spirit week of the year happened. The class of 2021 took the win through a great presentation during Powder Puff and spirit days. In addition, the seniors beat the juniors in the annual Powder Puff game.



The whole school was brought together, rallying behind the boys soccer team on their road to State Champions. With easily more than 200 students in attendance at the State Finals (more than an hour away in sub-freezing temperatures), the boys took home the Massachusetts State Championship against Wellesley. The football team also finished their season with a record of 8-3, tied for the best record in Ludlow history.



Winter spirit week pitted class against class in the fight to gain bragging rights against other students. Many students participated in spirit days, wearing hula skirts, ugly sweaters, and all of the Ludlow apparel they own. The month came to a close with the annual Winter Spirit Week Pep Rally where students competed in events like “gaga ball”, musical performances, and the beloved lip sync battle. The seniors took the win in the last spirit week of 2018 before everyone was dismissed to celebrate the holidays with friends and loved ones.