A True Talent


Anna Belculfine, Assistant Editor

It all began for Amelia Valadas when she was in the sixth grade, ten years of age. It was sixth grade was when she first had laid the foundation for her future talent in makeup, and it now it’s not only a talent but a passion.

“I noticed all of the older girls wearing makeup, so I gave it a try,” says Valadas.

Many of Valadas’ friends believe she has a true talent for doing makeup, whether she does her own, or someone else’s.

“She knows how to do makeup really good,” says friend Sofia Manuel, “When she does highlight and eyeshadow it always looks flawless I don’t know how she does it!”

“I love doing other people’s makeup,” says Valadas, “I get to see different face structures and eye shapes and I’m able to see what looks good on them.”

Valadas has been collecting makeup ever since she first started using it. Currently, Valadas owns an abundant amount of makeup. The most collected product she owns would be eyeshadow due to Valadas’ love for experimenting with different colors and styles.

Her favorite makeup product that she owns is the Tartelette In Bloom because it has excellent pigment when applied.  

“This palette is absolutely gorgeous and it smells like chocolate,” Valadas boasts.

Surprisingly, Valadas doesn’t have a least favorite makeup brand.

“I don’t have a least favorite brand because there’s no way I could discard one,” says Valadas, “Plus I haven’t tried them all.”

Her favorite place to purchase makeup is Sephora. Sephora is a makeup guru’s heaven with an innumerable amount of product. On average, Valadas spends a total of anywhere between fifty and seventy dollars in one trip, so she has to limit the amount of times she goes.

“It’s pricy, but there’s such a wide variety of makeup there so it’s worth it if you get the right products,” she says.

Valadas’ dream job is to be a makeup artist for actors and actresses. Also she dreams of winning an Oscar for her makeup skills. 

“I will always have a passion for makeup,” Valadas says earnestly.