Some students exempt from finals beginning next year


Felicia Robare, Staff Writer

Teachers and staff at Ludlow High School voted on June 3 to pass a new policy which will go into effect next year that allows for sophomores, juniors, and seniors to not be required to take final exams if they maintain an A average all four terms.

As of right now sophomores and juniors have to maintain an average of a 93 or higher in a class, while seniors have to maintain an average of 91 or higher to not take their final.

“The hope is to get students to strive for better grades,” say Principal Lisa Nemeth. “College’s also do this so it is a way to help prepare for college.”

Teachers have not yet decided whether or not they want to limit this exemption to only two classes for underclassmen. Some teachers feel that finals help prepare students for the types of final exams students will face in college.

“I believe that it is important for the students to take the exams. Is a great incentive for students to strive for better grades,” says Chris Rea, who teachers senior and freshman English.

Many students, however, look forward to being able to pass on finals.

“I like the idea of not having to take the final,” states freshman Kyle La Fleur. “It would help me a lot too. It makes it easier and relieves some of the stress.”

Junior Mike Pepin agrees: “Even though I won’t receive a 91 in any of my classes, I still think that this should be allowed in all classes because if you’re working hard enough to prove you know the material why should you stress about the exam that could possibly lower your grade down? It is not worth stressing about.