Anatomy classes increase in size

Anatomy classes increase in size

Mr. Lee’s honors anatomy class studies hard during their period.

Sara Moreau, Staff Writer

Anatomy classes at LHS have more than doubled this year, going from 40 to 100 students.

Mr. Hollington Lee teachers the honors level, while Ms. Chrystal Dufresne teaches the standard.

Mr. Lee doesn’t mind having more kids in his class.”I like that kids are willing to challenge themselves.”

Senior Colleen Dusell is a current anatomy student and says that the large class size of 26 students is an “adjustment,” but it’s “not that bad.” She also added, “It’s not hard to find someone to talk to or become friends with. It’s not harder to learn with a large class — you have to pay attention to your teacher and what is going on just like any other class.”

Principal Lisa  Nemeth said that all LHS science class numbers are high and she thinks that it’s a reflection of students being interested in the sciences and challenging themselves in honors and AP classes.

Mrs. Nemeth believes that there’s a benefit to large class sizes: ”There are more ideas and opinions [expressed] and you learn from other people. It teaches you cultural awareness and demands you to have tolerance.”

Mr. Lee doesn’t mind the large classes and is pleased that so many students are interested in anatomy. He does say, however, ”The only downfall is keeping up with the organization part,” as he points to his desk with papers strewn everywhere.