Sophomores Secure Spirit Week Win


Anna Belculfine, Editor-in-Chief

Despite the juniors winning Friday’s Maroon Madness dress-up day, the four points did not put them ahead of the sophomores, who secured the most points for the week, earning the title of Spirit Week Champions.

The seniors and freshmen trailed the second-place juniors and tied for third.

Spirit week was a close race between the sophomores and juniors after both classes had won Powderpuff the previous night. Sophomores had also won the four-way tug-of-war, which made both classes neck and neck with points. The freshman and seniors were too far behind to catch up at this point.

Many seniors expressed disappointment that the class lost powderpuff and weren’t placing very well on dress-up days throughout the week.

¨We need to come together as a class and have more spirit because it is our last year participating in events like these,¨ says senior Anna Hurley.

The maroon dress up day and the donation race ultimately decided which of the two classes would overall win the Fall Spirit Week. Each class battled it out by bringing in donations such as baby supplies, coloring books, and personal care items. The donation supported the children affected by the hurricane in Puerto Rico.

The winner of the donations was not decided on just how many items each class had, but by the monetary value of each item. Principal Lisa Nemeth said that organizers would “scan the goods for a price and the class that donates the most goods with the highest monetary value will earn DOUBLE the BTC (battle of the classes) points.¨

Seniors ended up taking last place for donations. The juniors were third, freshman were second, and the sophomores came in first. This put the sophomore class ahead of the other three classes, clinching the winning spirit week victory.

Overall, the freshman and senior classes tied in last place with. Juniors in second place had a total of 28 points, and the sophomores won with 36 points.

¨I think we really improved from freshman year,¨ says sophomore Kobe Dias. ¨We showed that we have the motivation it takes to win.¨