Photography club snaps back into action

Photography club snaps back into action

Photography club president and founder senior Tim Gavrilov gets his shot in focus

Felicia Robare, Staff Writer

For the second year, the photography club is up and running, meeting Wednesdays after school in Hollington Lee’s room, D205.

“Photography has been one of my favorite hobbies for over 40 years,” says Lee, who signed on as club advisor last year. “I hope to improve other students’ goals and help them learn how to take better pictures.”

The club was created by senior Tim Gavrilov.

“I love photography because it is a way for me to express my own emotions and feelings,” he says. “It is also a surprisingly versatile medium. There are tons of things you can do in photography. The possibilities are limitless.”

Lee and Gavrilov work together to teach club members how to use their cameras and understand different aspects of photography, including composition, lighting, and perspective. They discuss technical as well as artistic aspects of photography.

The members of the photography club use a method called comment and critique. This is when they use a website called Flickr where they look at their own members pictures or even other members’ photography. They judge the photography and look to see what edits can make the picture look perfect.

The photography club goes in depth when teaching composition rules and editing skills, but they generally focus on everything about photography.

“We like to focus more on thinking about capturing the perfect moment more then the art of the picture,” says Lee.

Lee wants the photography to evoke emotion: “I want to hear the words ‘Wow! That’s beautiful!’” he said.

After the members meet for a lesson or discussion, they usually head to take pictures. Last Wednesday the young photographers headed out to shoot subjects at unconventional levels or perspectives.

“Sometimes we go outside to shoot and sometimes we shoot inside,” says Gavrilov. “The main goal of photography club is that we all become better photographers.”

Gavrilov focuses on personal goals with photography as well: “I just got an iPhone 4S and the camera is phenomenal on it so I’m doing a 30-day photo challenge where I take a photo using my iPhone for 30 days. I’m focusing primarily on taking pictures of outdoorsy things like hiking and urban exploring.” say Gavrilov

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