Fashion fanatics unite at LHS

Fashion fanatics unite at LHS

Catherine Bunko and Kristen Bousquet, creators of the Fashion Club.

Jordan Leal, Staff Writer

Ludlow High School junior Kristen Bousquet, along with the help of science teacher Jessica Olmo, created a fashion club friendly to all students who share an interest in fashion.

“I know when students hear Fashion Club; they probably think its some corny club where we talk about ‘how awesome those shoes are.’ But it’s not like that at all,” says Bousquet, “I always see people dressing so cute around school, and I wanted a place where we could all meet and become friends.”

The club is held in Olmo’s room, and is hoping to eventually branch out from the walls of the science room by planning a fashion show, attending a fashion show, inviting guest speakers, possibly taking a trip to New York City, and really get into the “meaning of fashion.”

 “With all these events, I want to achieve big things, and allow it so everyone can get a taste of what it is like out there in the real fashion world,” said Bousquet.

 The first meeting was held on April 26.  The members decided to create posters, flyers, a Facebook page, and a website to publicize the club.

The next meeting will be in May, but the exact date is yet to be decided. Members then will elect an Executive Board to identify current and further officers of the club.

“For those who are still discouraged [to join], always remember to not be afraid to embrace what you love. If you enjoy fashion, but are nervous of what people might think when you say you’re staying after for fashion club, don’t let them stop you from doing something you take pleasure in,” says Bousquet.

 For more information visit the fashion club’s website,, and listen up for announcements on any new information!