The Cub

Ziggy Ventura

Ziggy Ventura, Staff Writer

Ziggy is a staff writer for the cub who grew up in the wild jungles of Ludlow. He has been known to frequent Gamestop, where his work covers for his illegal business on the side. He is a notorious spendthrift and gangster, and has watched The Godfather copious amounts of times to learn the trades of the “business.” He has also been known to disappear for weeks at a time due to “illness.” However none know of what really goes on. He spends a copious amount of time at Gamestop as well as copious amounts of money. He is an extreme movie buff and has seen almost everything. He enjoys old music like the Beach Boys and Bobby Darin. He is obsessed with the 20’s and 30’s and believes he belongs in that era. Beware his boyish good looks and witty charm, they have a tendency to ensnare the soul.

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Ziggy Ventura