Killzone above average on Ziggy’s scale of excellence

Killzone above average on Ziggys scale of excellence

Concept art for anticipated game.

Ziggy Ventura, Staff Writer

Video games are almost in the same class as movies. Millions of dollars are put into the production of them, and people have come to wait for them on baited breath. Since they come out so often and with such regularity, very few games get the “hype” that all game developers look for. One of the games that still gets this type of extra attention is Killzone.


Killzone has been one of the most popular gaming franchises that Sony has ever developed, and in a world of shrinking exclusives for die hard fans of the specific companies (Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony) it’s one of the few exclusives left in production. Sony has made millions on the franchise, and with the announcement of Killzone 3, I’ll admit, I was extremely excited. It really has revolutionized gaming when it first came out and was truly the only shooter that Sony produces to combat Microsoft’s powerhouse exclusives Gears of War and Halo. Since I work for Gamestop, I’m lucky enough to be able to have purchased the game the day it came out (and at a discounted price!). 

I immediately went home after working my midnight shift and popped the disk into my top-of-the-line PS3 and immersed myself completely into the game. Several hours later I awoke from the trance that the game had drawn me into. I looked at the clock, it was around 5 in the morning. I would have to be awake for school in an hour. Crap. 

The game itself is amazing. Graphically it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve played a lot of games over the years. The guys over at Guerilla Games really seem to excel at their capacity to deliver technically superior gaming to the masses. The story, while at points leaves some holes (specifically about almost a quarter of the way through the game;if having played it, you know what point I’m talking about) still is extremely well written. I found myself deeply invested in the ISA’s struggle to escape Helghan. The voice acting is superb, with Malcom McDowell delivering an awesome performance as Chairman Stahl, one of the games main protagonists. 

One thing I can say I disliked about the game, however, is how short it was. I was able to beat the game on one of the harder difficulties in little less than 8 hours. While rewarding, the game could have been a little longer, and explained a little more story wise, so I wasn’t left with some of the questions I now have to hope are addressed in the fourth game in the series (should it be developed). I was also disappointed with the ending, while the cutscene that came after the credits was somewhat rewarding for me, I still felt I was left with wanting more. 

The multi-player component of Killzoneis mediocre at best. While it does deliver a very solid, if not standard, gaming experience. Out of the box it offers around fivestarting maps and the standard deathmatch, and team deathmatch game options. Like I said, it’ a pretty fun experience, but it’s a very standard delivery. It’s not special, or memorable. 

If you own a PS3 and a shooter fan, I definitely recommend picking up Killzone. The game looks and runs great and is hands down the best the ps3 has to offer to the FPS fanbase. However, be expected to be a little letdown with the story and the games length. I give Killzone a 4 out of 5 on Ziggy’s Scale of Excellence.