Sydnie Germain makes history


Ava Peczka and Michele Winslow

Sydnie Germain, a senior Ludlow High varsity volleyball captain, recently beat the school’s record for most consecutive serves.

“It was really shocking… ”, said Germain, adding that at the start of her freshman year she had no idea what sport she was going to play. She asked one of her upperclassmen friends, a junior at the time, for advice. They told her to try out for the volleyball team, and the rest is history.

Surprisingly, Germain struggled to serve the ball over the net her freshman year. So much so that her first time serving over the net was her final freshman game. This shows just how much progress she’s made in her volleyball career — she made 21 serves in a row her senior year. 

It’s not just her serve that’s improved, according to her coach and teammates. All of her skills have improved and made her an amazing player and teammate on and off the court, which is a major reason why she’s one of two varsity captains this season. 

Germain broke the record on October 13th during a home game against Belchertown High School. While serving, she said that she liked helping out her team by earning a lot of points, but it was really tiring. 

“… I tried so many different serves, and they just kept going in, and the points kept coming back…

I didn’t think it was real life.

— Senior Sydnie Germain

After the game, she found out that she broke the record from LHS Athletics Director Tim Brillo. Upon hearing the news, she said that it surprised her, but she did know that it was a lot of serves, record-breaking or not. 

Twenty-one serves in a row later, and the senior has left her mark in Ludlow High School’s history books. Although her four years of donning #5 are coming to an end, the impact she’s had on her teammates and the volleyball program as a whole are here to stay.