Athlete Etiquette and Fund Raising


Darren Peabody

This is where the $100 donators will get their engraved brick set. It is behind the home plate backstop on the gravel path to the track.

Darren Peabody, Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 15th, there was an assembly held for all athletes in the auditorium. This assembly not only dealt with fundraising for new facilities and track, but it also dealt with the behavior of our athletes at Ludlow High School.

The focus of this assembly was to emphasize the impact and perception of the various athletic programs and everyone in them. The importance of integrity and community, thoughtfulness and sportsmanship, and the love that you have for the sport and respect that you should have for others who play it.

Mr. Brillo, the athletic director, told the assembly “Athletes are the front stoop of Ludlow.” They are the ones on display when they are away facing off against other towns, and at home when they host. They are the face of our town, they represent all of us. This is why having respectful athletes is so important. Not only to represent Ludlow High as a school, but to show that our town, and those who live and work here, are of good character. Athletes are not themselves when they play a sport, they are a part of something bigger. You don’t just wear “Ludlow” on your chest when you play, you are Ludlow.

But this does not only pertain to when we travel out of town. This integrity and positive character should be on display within our school as well. Athletes should be leaders. They should be role models. They should be respectful of their school, their team, and most importantly, themselves. Players should be true to who they are because that is how you inspire. Lead by example and others will follow.

Changing gears, the fundraiser to rebuild the track and other facilities is underway. The goal is to get $20,000 and the progress so far has been better than expected this early but we still need a lot more donations. There is a special prize for those who donate $100; you get an engraved brick placed around the lion statue by the baseball diamond. Any donations help so please tell friends, families, family friends, or anybody who will donate about it and to help improve our athletics program. The link to donate is below. If you have any questions, please see Mr. Brillo

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Darren Peabody
A close-up view of the environmental damage to the track.
Darren Peabody
The damage lasts for a good portion of the curve nearest to the baseball field. The moss covers and discolors a decent portion of the track, making it unsuitable for competition in the spring.


Darren Peabody
The black spots on the track are where the most wear and tear has been done. These are covering a lot of the track.