All Aboard the Kibbe Train


Billy Reno, Staff Writer

The grind continues for the Ludlow High School football team, but beyond their struggles there emerges a light at the end of the tunnel. This “light” is promising senior athlete, Tyler Kibbe.

Tyler, or as most people know him as “TJ,” is a second year player and the starting fullback for LHS Lions. The senior is showing his improvement from last year by showing a promising statline for the season so far, racking up a lot of yardage in each of his games.

A former athlete in the sports baseball, basketball, and soccer Kibbe finally found his love for football in his junior year.

In just six games Kibbe has improved his game in different aspects, running the ball hard, and making big plays.

“I just run my heart out each and every game,” says Kibbe.

The football team has had a rough start with 0 wins and 6 losses. They can bounce back with 4 remaining games against Easthampton on October 28, and the famous Thanksgiving duel with Palmer on November 24.

Kibbe shared his own thoughts on how the team can improve. “We can improve in passing, running, defense. There really isn’t an aspect we can’t improve in,” he said.

Even his teammates recognize how well Kibbe has been playing this season. They call him the “Kibbe Train.” Junior, Chris Ferreira says, “He’s doing a great job going doing field, and hitting holes and he needs to keep it up.”

Other than football, he enjoys,eating, girls and sports. His hobbies include bowling in a candlepin league, watching World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and reading comics.

TJ is hoping to play for a Division III college and continue playing the sport he loves for the next four years.