Winter try-outs begin after Thanksgiving break

Ben Taylor, Staff Writer

All winter sport tryouts start Dec. 2, right after Thanksgiving break. Each sport has three or four-day tryouts, except the swim team.

The swim team doesn’t have any tryouts, all swimmers need to do is sign up and they automatically make the team.

“I’m excited about tryouts. A lot of good freshmen are coming up to play this year.  It should be really interesting to see who makes varsity,” said Athletic Director Timothy Brillo.

The varsity coaches are as follows: Timothy Brillo (girls basketball), Dan Falvey (boys basketball), Karen Doyle (swimming), Dave Puzzo (ski team), Paul Rivest (hockey), and Martin Thompson (wrestling).

Freshman Justin Danek will be trying out for basketball after a successful stint at soccer.

“It will be hard at tryouts but I will try my hardest and make whatever team the coaches put me on. I definitely need to practice more if I want to have any shot at making a better team than just the freshmen team,” he said.

The swim team hopes to go undefeated this year, after only losing one meet last year.

“I think we will do very good this year with the new talent coming up from the freshmen,” sophomore Andrea Taylor who swam on the team last year.

The hockey is set on making play-offs this year and  the player from last year say they will be very selective with tryouts.

“The tryouts are easier to me because I participated in it last year and I did pretty well, so the freshmen will have a hard time this year,”  sophomore Hunter Schinabeck, who played varsity as a freshman.

Regular sign ups end Nov.22 and if you don’t sign up by that time you will have to pay a $25 late fee.