Tennis looks to freshmen for first doubles

Tennis looks to freshmen for first doubles

Freshmen Zachary Hall and Brandon Nowakowski bring a huge boost to the boy’s tennis team.

Jordan Leal, Staff Writer

The Ludlow High School boy’s tennis team suffered a great loss when standout players Thomas Dalmolin and Derek Alves graduated last year, but unexpectedly this season newcomers  Zachary Hall and Brandon Nowakowski, both freshmen, volleyed their way into first doubles, earning spots as the only freshmen competing on the court.

“Newcoming freshmen are usually just learning and picking up the game, but this year they really have talent. Better than any freshmen I have seen yet,” remarks Coach Christopher Rea.

The  team appointed two new captains to replace Alves and Dalmolin: seniors Zachary Breault and Brandon Quiterio. A typical practice is led by these two individuals beginning with a warm-up run around the school, and group stretches inside the court

“It’s an honor and a great responsibility being captain. The players this year are great, but we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and like a family we will all work together and help each other any way we can,” says Quiterio.

Sportsmanship, teamwork, and being optimistic are big mottos for this team, according to Quiterio. “It is important to be your best and do your best while your out there, you are wearing Ludlow’s jersey, and you don’t want to give it a bad name.” says Quiterio.

Unlike a game like soccer or baseball, during a tennis match players and coaches can’t call timeouts or have group huddles. There are normally five matches occurring at the same time. The only time you can talk with your coach is when the score is an odd number and your changing sides, and even then, your time is limited.

“It’s hard to attend to all my players during a match, but always remember in tennis it’s a very mental game — don’t get discouraged, if you’re losing, hit, reset, and always stay calm,” says Rea.

Ludlow boy’s served themselves up all the way to the semi-finals last year. It was their most successful season out of coach Rea’s seven years, with a record of 10-6. This year the team will strive to reach that goal yet again, and maybe even further. So far the season has lead to a 1-1 record, and “the players are … giving it their all,” said Rea.