The halls aren’t alive with the sound of music

Alex Francisco, Sports Editor

I am just going to come right out and say how I miss when music would be played over the intercom before the first period bell rang. I may be the only one who feels this way but quite frankly, I’m apathetic to anyone’s feelings who disagrees with me.
I mean there are very few feelings in an adolescent’s life that can compare to how awful it is to walk through the hallway at 7:15, freezing cold and half asleep, knowing that you’re stuck in school until 2:00. All you hear is the sound of lockers closing and people coughing and sneezing all over the place. I have a hard time coming up with a better definition of the word miserable than that.

I just remember that two years ago I was always in a better mood the second I walked into school to hear my favorite John Mayer or Goo Goo Dolls song playing over the intercom. Unless your dog died that morning you have no excuse to be a Debby Downer when listening to Jack Johnson’s “Better Together;” it’s just feel-good music. It’s made for sunny days and rainbows and I think it would do all of us some good.

I am the biggest advocate of the theory that music heals all. Whether you’re nervous for a big game, suffering from a heartbreak, or just have a case of the Monday morning blues you’re favorite song will always be there to motivate you you get through whatever you’re facing.

That being said, I really think that we should bring back the morning DJs and the cheerful and relaxing playlists that would chime through the hallways of LHS. It would put some people in a much better mood, and those who found it annoying could then get psychiatric help or attend anger management and we’d all really benefit.