Annear and Kopczynski selected as first-round draft picks

Alex Francisco, Staff Writer

As if the news that student-favorite Mr. Jamie Annear wouldn’t be returning to LHS wasn’t enough to hear last spring, many students who study Spanish also got word this summer that their beloved Senora Karolina Kopczynski would also be following him to East Longmeadow High School.

With these two teachers gone, the math and foreign language department will certainly not be the same. Many students would argue that Mr. Annear and Senora Kopczynski were two of the best teachers in Ludlow High School. This is based on their instruction style and the effort they put into ensuring that their students succeeded. They just really cared about us and were always willing to listen to problems we may have had outside of the school walls.

So I guess now it’s kind of like we are just a farming school, building up our teachers and getting them ready for the big leagues, or in other words, East Longmeadow High. Now that GM Gordon Smith and franchise-favorite Gina Flanagan are over in the ELHS management, their scouting days over here in the Bubble made it easy for them to draft-pick out greatest talent.

Now obviously the teachers in the “pros” get paid better there than here in Ludlow’s school district, but I’m sure the money factor wasn’t the only thing that influenced their decisions to leave the Bubble. I mean, let’s be honest, this school system is an unorganized hot mess right now.

We can barely afford paper, teachers are getting moved around the building like crazy(if they’re lucky enough to even have their own classroom), and we won’t even get into the gym schedule. If we as students can see it it makes me question why any teacher would stay here.

Let’s just hope we can get our team-chem and financial issues together before other starters on our roster, like Mr. Brian Mulvehill, also get called up to the big-leagues.