Take time to give back

Samantha Godding, News Editor

With all the fundraisers that have gone on and are going on at LHS, students should participate because one person can make a difference and make someone’s life better by doing something small.

NHS ran Pennies for Patients (www.schoolandyouth.org), where money was  raised for the leukemia and lymphoma society. This was a great fundraiser because all students had to do was give  spare change, and they helped out children with cancer.

On April 5, Tom’s One Day Without Shoes (www.onedaywithoutshoes.com) was held across the world. People walked barefoot in order to raise awareness for the millions of children in the world who don’t have shoes. Junior Siearra Papuga  held her own event at the Radical Roaster in Ludlow in order to join in with the other participants in the one day without shoes. She and about 15 other students walked from the Radical Roaster to the high school; they all deserve an applause for proving that Ludlow has some heart and cares about kids in other countries without shoes.  Papuga and the other students showed how easy it was to make a difference and involve themselves in a nationwide event.

Mr. Tom Cote formed a team of teachers and students who will be competing in the Core Fitness Challenge on April 16. This challenge will raise money for wounded warriors. There are 18 teachers and students participating in the event. The participants are raising money by finding sponsors and deserve a pat on the back for supporting those who have fought for our country.

On May 19 LHS is holding the Mr. Cote “Fitness Challenge“, where students and teachers will compete with Mr. Cote in a series of exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups.  This event will be raising money for the Sgt. Josh Desforges Memorial Fund. This event not only will be entertaining for students and teachers to watch, but in the end all the money will be going towards a memorial fund for a fallen marine.

LHS even has a club dedicated to performing community service and helping out those in need: the Interact Club. This club has raised money for Ghana, participated in Rays of Hope and continues to volunteer at soup kitchens and the senior center. Students involved have also read books to elementary students will be participating in the Relay for Life. This club is based on helping others and making the world a better place. Mrs. Jessica Olmo and the students deserve a lot of credit for everything they do because they are making a difference in not only the Ludlow community but in the world.

With all the fundraisers going on at Ludlow, students should find an activity and get involved.