French Club Hosts Fundraiser


Madelyn Ogorzalek, Editor In Chief

The French Club is having a fundraiser this Wednesday, 12/21, where they’re making snow globes and selling cookies.

All students at LHS are invited to meet in Monsieur Tendeng’s room (E210) at 2:00 if they’re interested in making snow globes. Snowglobes will be filled with water, oil, and glitter, alongside holiday decorations of the maker’s choosing. The cost of entry to make snow globes is $7 and students can sign up by emailing Madelyn Ogorzalek or Monsieur Tending on Tuesday, December 20th by 5:00 PM.

The French Club is also having a bake sale on Wednesday, where various baked goods are being sold, including brownies, peppermint bark, and nine types of cookies: sugar, gingerbread, peppermint chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, peppermint sugar, oreo cheesecake, lemon, butter, and snowman.

Baked goods are being sold for $1 each, 3 cookies for $2, or 6 cookies for $5. Cookie sets for $2 are made in pre-set bunches, however, if you’d like to buy 6 for $5, it will be the buyer’s choice of what cookies to purchase.

The proceeds fo the fundraiser will go towards lessening the cost of the French Club’s field trip to Boston.