Tri-M Music Honor Society Celebrates Music in Our Schools Month


Rory DiVenuto, Health & Wellness Editor

Every March, schools across the country dedicate time to recognizing the importance of music education. This program was developed through the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Music in Our Schools Month is a time to celebrate the art of music. 

The National Association for Music Education spends its time advocating for music education, in doing so they recognize the importance of music in schools. The number of schools that offer music education has been declining yearly. Many school districts do not see the importance of music education, especially for younger students.

“I appreciate having a band class. It’s one of the only things I look forward to.”

— Mason Gunther


However, music is proven to benefit students of all ages. For starters, music training works the left side of the brain. This part of the brain is the same area that helps develop language and reasoning skills. By integrating music into school, students are able to develop language easier. Music also prompts relaxation, which all students need.


During the month of March, the Tri-M music honor society will spend its time promoting music education. A major focus this year is on recruiting people for the chorus program. One way they will achieve this is through posters. These posters contain witty — and often corny — music jokes.

In addition to posters, Tri-M also runs an annual “Name That Tune” contest. This contest was canceled last year due to the pandemic but is back on for 2022. Every Friday of March, during the Lion’s Roar show, a member of the band or chorus will perform a segment of a song, without lyrics. From there, during all three lunches, students will have the opportunity to submit their guesses for the song. The winner is picked through a drawing of all the correct guesses. The winner will receive a 10 dollar Amazon gift card.