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Bridgerton: Cringe or Binge?


Under the twinkling lights and the twirling of silks, a ball is in full swing. There are whispers of romance and scandal all about, as the sound of violins performing a modern symphony fills the hall. Welcome to “Bridgerton,” a realm where the past and present collide. From the first moment that Lady Whistledown’s clever quill starts to write her riveting rumors, viewers are transported to a 19th-century London where diversity thrives and social norms are disregarded in the name of love and longing. Here in Bridgerton one is transformed and molded into society, fighting for the highest of all rankings, while keeping love in sight. 

“Bridgerton” is a film that everyone, emphasis on everyone, should see because of its captivating blend of romance and humor, gorgeous production, and its take on diversity.

The Creative Minds Behind “Bridgerton” 

The hit Netflix series, Bridgerton, first captured audiences through its period drama-filled novels, written by Julia Quinn. Quinn, the author of the book series, plays a crucial role in ensuring the show adaptation remains true to her vision and the flow of the novels. 

Behind Quinn however, are Chris Van Dusena and Shonda Rhimes, working in production and set/costume design to ensure the period drama is rightfully brought to life. The pair think of every possible rhetorical strategy to ensure the audience is getting every emotion, whether it be sadness or passion, through the scene. 

Their most powerful strategy so far has been the Regency-style twist on modern songs. The twist on these modern songs has made one viewer in particular, Belen Molinari, a student of the 2025 class, felt “related to” and “truly engaged” within the relationship between the plot of the season and the soundtrack backing it up. Modern hits such as Taylor Swift’s “Snow on the Beach,” or Nick Jonas’s “Jealous” have been revised and remade to fit the style of the 19th century, while giving everything and more to the intense feelings that develop within every episode. 

This trio, Chris Van Dusen, Shonda Rimes, and Julia Quinn, among many other writers and especially actors, work together to bring this period drama to life. Making it almost feel too real.

Silks and Hues

Bridergton, although set in the 19th century in England (1813-1827) is a timeless yet intriguing representation of the period of change that was the Regency Area. In the show, much like in real life, we see that the changes and developments of new fashion trends are unlike anything before. 

Dresses of the 19th century were called the “Chemise Dress.” Women would wear such dresses as they moved throughout their day especially when going to an esteemed ball. 

Most dresses were either separated by what times of day they were worn.

Day dresses were the most common type of style for day-to-day use. They were made very simple and classy: containing a high waist with wide necklines and long sleeves. “Renaissance” details such as ruffs, slashed sleeves, and lace were adorned by the masses and used in day-to-day wear. 

Evening dresses, however, were overwhelmed with colored silks and metallic trims. Of course, evening dresses still had the same high waistlines, narrow silhouettes, and the optional train, but it was the colors and material that really set them apart from the rest. 

In Bridgerton, color also plays a major role in showing a family’s identity.

The color palette of the Bridgerton family is best described as serene and calming. The pale blues and rich lavenders in their wardrobe symbolize their collective, calm demeanor and high standing in society. These shades also highlight the purity and elegance associated with the Bridgerton name. 

As said before, a family color palette represents and symbolizes more than one would think, whether good or bad. 

The Featherthington family is almost always wearing loud, vibrant colors.  The bright yellows and oranges are staples in their attire. Not to mention the striking patterns and embellishments they are seen in constantly. These colors and patterns symbolize the family’s ambitious, attention-seeking nature and their ongoing struggle to secure a prominent place in society.

Within the series, the matches of the season also change their appearance or “color palette.”

For example, in season two Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton (the leading couple) start the season with almost polar opposite color palettes. However, as their romance grows and their longing for each other overcomes them, they start to share a palette of dark blue and purple hues. Thus explaining how crucial color, among many other aspects of the show, is so important to the plot and theme of each season. 

Diversity Within The Era

It goes without saying executive producer, Shonda Rimes, breaks the traditional 19th-century social norms. While there are some historically accurate aspects to the show, from the attire to the glorious balls, things like enhancing the diversity and embracing a diverse cast were almost completely different from the era. 

The diverse casting in the series sends a powerful message to the worldwide audience and promotes inclusivity within period dramas. Casting diverse actors in high-ranking roles not only gives those within these communities representation that they were denied before, but just in general enriches the narrative and adds a tasteful change to the period. 

By including this inclusivity, Bridgerton invites audiences to envision a future where diversity is normalized and celebrated within these types of dramas. 

Honoring the Bridgerton Name 

One can not dissect the different aspects of Bridgerton without talking about the wealthy, humongous family. 

Edmund and Violet Bridgerton start their family with the birth of their first son and heir, Anthony Bridgerton. The two continue to expand the family naming their children in alphabetical order; Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and last but certainly not least Hyacinth. 

Shortly after the birth of his final child, Edmund Bridgerton was struck by a bee and laid to rest. Thus leaving the family, and title of Viscount-a gentleman of nobility-to his eldest son Anthony. Following the death of his father and biggest role model, Anthony was forced to look and take after his mother and 7 siblings. Within his duties as a Viscount, Anthony must prepare each sister  to enter the “social season” and help them through their “coming out.” This is described as every young girl’s dream. Women during the social season are praised and flattered with the hopes of courting the Queens, “Diamond of the Season,” which is who she considers the most beautiful and deserving of all the young women. It is a game all those in society must abide by and participate in. Luckily for the Bridgerton family, the queen almost always has her eyes on them. 

In the first season, the storyline follows the eldest daughter Daphne on her journey within the social season. The series follows Daphne’s journey from being named the “Diamond of the Season” to marrying her brother’s best friend and Duke of Hastings, Simon Bassett. However “out of nowhere,” Esther Coelho, the vice president of the 2025 class, is also a fellow fan of the series and described this pairing, it was by far her “favorite” and “most beautiful couple” to have yet blessed the show. 

The second season then follows Anthony and Kate Sharma and their journey from once being enemies to then lovers. Mia Bulatewicz, a junior at LHS, is also an avid viewer of the series and claims that the season two pairing has “similar personalities and challenges each other in a way that makes their relationship passionate.”

So, Cringe or Binge?

It goes without saying that not everyone enjoys period dramas, but those who are interested are strongly encouraged to watch the series.

Every season follows a different leading couple and their romantic journey together, making it unique.

One is shaped and changed into society in Bridgerton, competing for the top spot but never losing sight of love. “Bridgerton” is a captivating blend of romance and humor, with incredible production value, and diversity that is likely to appeal to everyone.

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