Nolan Ayers elected Class of 2021 president


Ariel Vital, Staff Writer

The class of 2021 has elected Nolan Ayers as class president for their junior year. Ayers was the president for their sophomore year too. He is also an athlete and honor student.

Ayers decided to run again because, “I wouldn’t want to walk away from a class that had a huge amount of success this year with the Class Wars compared to freshman year.”

The class representatives have changed since last year. Ayers trusts Collin DiSanti who is the new treasurer with his idea to change their fundraisers.

Ayers is excited to work alongside Juliet Ribeiro, who was voted vice president again, “Juliet has brilliant ideas that will help everyone triumph,” he also said, “she has a huge heart that everyone adores.”

Mrs.Fernandes one of the class’s advisers is glad Ayers got re-elected. Fernandes said, “Nolan is an approachable, responsible young man who put a lot of work into making sure the class had some great opportunities this year. He listens to his classmates and works with his advisors to try and make everybody happy – an impossible task to say the least.”

Ayers said, “there is not one negative thought I have about this team,” or in the class of 2021.