Vandals tag Chapin Street Bridge

Briana Deferreira, Staff Writer

During the late hours of Halloween when most are out celebrating with friends, at parties, or out trick or treating, some vandals had a different idea of what was fun and struck the Chapin street bridge.

The vandal(s) with the black bottle of spray paint wrote “666” and “F*** LPD” on the side of the bridge facing oncoming traffic for everyone to see.

The tag “BHB” has been seen sprayed on walls before and it was sprayed again in multiple locations of the bridge.

When asked about her opinion on the matter Sophomore Maliyah Sanchez says it could appear to “be hate for most people and for the others it might be art.¨

While Senior Gabriella Pires said she felt as though she “thinks they shouldn’t have voiced their opinion through graffiti,” considering the location of the bridge.

There are many areas around the town where you can find pieces of art sprayed on the wall of buildings and bridges, but most of the art doesn’t contain profanity and isn’t located so close to an elementary or middle school.

Sanchez also says people may thinking that vandalising the bridge would bring them more attention and make them appear “cool.”

The vandal(s) have not yet been caught but police officials have already began looking into it as they were seen taking pictures of the bridge the morning after Halloween. After photo evidence was taken, they made sure to cover the profanity.