Dodgeball Marathon returns on Mar. 4


The Slum Dodge Millionaires, a team from dodgeball marathon 2015, posing for a photo.

Ben Taylor , Sports Editor

Ludlow High School’s third Dodgeball Marathon is on Mar. 4 from 4 p.m to 10 p.m in the gymnasium of Ludlow High School. The sophomore class will be hosting this year’s marathon.

Students make their own teams of up to 10 people, but no less than seven. The brackets for dodgeball will be a Round Robin which means that every team gets the chance to face every team.

Teams have to pay $100 to enter the Dodgeball Marathon regardless of the number of students on the team.

The Dodgeball Marathon takes place in the gymnasium and students are allowed to sit down and relax when they don’t have games. There will be food and beverages for the students. Chaperones will order pizzas and pastries for all the students to enjoy.

There will be two courts, Court A and Court B. There will be no special rules of dodgeball, they will play normal dodgeball rules.

“Dodgeball Marathon was really fun last year,” says sophomore Evan Dias, “Everyone gets to pick their teams so you can be on the team with your friends which is awesome.”

After the Round Robin all teams advance to the single-elimination final bracket.