First Winter Olympics to be held at LHS

Sarah Stephenson, Editor-in-Chief

Instead of “Deck the Halls,” this year LHS classes will compete in a Winter Olympic Games in the gym on Dec. 18, during periods siz and seven.

“Advisors and students from the senior class brainstormed activity ideas for the Winter Olympic Games, and Mrs.Gauvin and I put together the events based on the feedback,” says junior class advisor Kathleen Marino.

Opening ceremonies will include a Star Spangled Banner Sing-off, in which each class chooses anywhere from one to 10 students to sing a specific part of the National Anthem. The sing off will be judged by teachers.

Following the opening ceremonies the first event will be the “Booty Box.” Booty Box is an event for the boys. During this event, a tissue box is filled with ping-pong balls and is tied around each competitor’s waist. They each have only one minute to shake out as many balls as possible. How? By shaking their booties of course.

After the Booty Box event, one person selected from each class will take place in the next event: “Ball in a Sock Water Bottle Challenge.” This time around, kids will put nylons on their heads with a tennis ball at the bottom, and try to knock down as many water bottles as they possibly can in one minute.

The next event boys and girls will team up in the Balloon Race and Pop Relay. The rules imply that partners must keep balloons in the air from cone to cone. The balloon cannot be hit twice in a row, and cannot touch the ground. Once the students hit the finish line, they must figure out a way to pop the balloon between their bodies –.no hands or feet allowed.

The second relay of the Winter Olympics is the Obstacle Course Relay. Three people from each class will scooter through cones and hula hoop with not one, but five hoops around their waists. Soon afterwards, the kids will be spinning their bodies five times and attempting to shoot a basket.

Two faculty members from each class will duel it out in a Three Legged Race. No advisors are allowed to participate in this race.

The final athletic event will be the half court shot. One boy and one girl will participate and do the best they can to hit either the backboard, the rim, or to make a basket.

To end the olympics, class officers and students from the executive board will form groups of 10 and have a Lip Sync contest. Each group is responsible for coming up with costumes, choreography, and choosing a song three to five minute long.

“A lot of students are still upset about Deck the Halls but there was nothing anyone could do so people are looking forward to the games,” says senior Vice President Leah Fialho, “Hopefully we will have a lot of participation also from all the classes.”