Heat Wave Hits LHS

Due to oppressive heat in the Ludlow High School building, Principal Lisa Nemeth postponed Open House to Sept. 23.

Some students questioned why school hasn’t been cancelled due to the heat and humidity.

“I feel uncomfortable sitting in hot classes,” said sophomore Jake Pariseau, “It’s hard for me to concentrate on what the teacher is saying because I’m focused on how warm the class is and how uncomfortable I am.”

Students report that the hottest rooms are in the math and science wings.

“ It was way too hot at school so I left,” said junior Tiago Dias.

Mr. Lee’s room reported an 86 degree high during the heat wave.

“Mrs. Nemeth came in seventh period with a thermometer and it recorded over 91 degrees,” said English teacher Amber Lowe. Lowe moved her class to the air conditioned library once it opened on Sept. 8.

“When walking from hall to hall I can feel the differences in temperature,” said junior Lexi Kipetz, “I think the math hallway is the hottest.”

Most classrooms in the school have fans but they really just blow around the warm air. The only places in LHS that have air conditioning are the library, auditorium, the main office and select classrooms. It is hard for students to find relief.

According to www.necn.com, schools in Connecticut shut down last week due to the high temperatures. “The mornings aren’t too bad but the afternoons are way too hot,” said teacher Felicia Andross, “I don’t think this is a suitable learning environment.

LHS will still be holding school at the scheduled time. The best thing students and staff can do is drink plenty of water and hope for cooler temperatures.