LHS at the Big E

LHS at the Big E

Felicia Robare, News Editor

The Ludlow High School band and the Ludlow Varsity Cheerleaders will march in the Big E parade on Sept. 24, at 5 p.m.

When marching the lions make sure to show pride and wear maroon and white to represent their school.

“One reason we march in the parade is to create a social activity in the beginning of the school year to help give the band a good ensemble,” says Kevin McAvoy, band teacher. “It also allows the band students to get time after the parade to either make new friends friends or allows you to go hang out with your friends after.”

This is the bands second year marching in the parade but McAvoy hopes to make it a tradition to have LHS march in the parade.

McAvoy teaches his students during class the proper marching techniques to show enough pride while playing.

Marching in the parade, allows the band to showcase and show-off the band. If all of the band does not attend the parade, it does not show all the band is.

“The band is like a team, everyone needs to be there,” states McAvoy. “Without everyone there, we are a less effective group all together because we are not as good.”

In attempt go join the school together more, McAvoy also offered Ludlow Varsity Cheerleaders a chance to team up with the band and march along side with them at the Big E.

“We all want to show as much school spirit and pride as much as possible,” says Coach Jackie Vivier. “We all need to become more involved.”

Both band members and cheerleaders are excited and cannot wait to team up and march together.