New teachers hired at LHS

Stacia Papuga, Sports Editor

With the start of the school year, LHS has not only welcomed new students, but has welcomed eight new teachers into the school for the 2013-2014 school year.

One of the teachers that has accepted a job offer this year is Fermina Renta. Ms. Renta is the new Spanish teacher that took Señor Gamble’s spot when he left LHS this summer. Señora Renta teaches Spanish 2, Honors Spanish 2 and Honors Spanish 3.

“I like to teach and I lost my job last year because the school closed. I wanted to retire but I think I’m too young. I decided to start applying to schools and when I got the job here, I accepted it,” said Renta.

In the Special Education department, three new teachers were added to the staff: Leah Cook, Christine Callahan, and Karen Roy. Mrs. Callahan is an inclusion student support teacher. Mrs. Roy helps co-teach two sophomore geometry classes, while Mrs. Cook co-teaches three Western Civilization classes, and one Physics class.

“I knew I wanted to teach at LHS from the first few minutes of my interview. Both Eva Tillotson, the Director of Student Services for Ludlow Public Schools and Principal Lisa Nemeth were warm and welcoming. LHS seems like an extremely supportive community that cares about each other and promotes the fostering of growth,” said Cook.

New to the science department is Kerry Valentine and Matthew Nowak. Mr. Nowak teaches Conceptual Chemistry and Intro to Physics which includes mostly juniors and seniors for Chem and all freshman for Physics. Mrs. Valentine teaches General Chem and Honors Chem to sophomores, juniors and some seniors.

“I’ve always wanted to go into teaching. When I came in for my interview, everyone seemed nice and they were warm and inviting. When I got offered the job, I accepted it. I like it here a lot.”

Jennifer Lavalley is another new teacher that was welcomed to LHS. Lavalley teaches Psychology, Sociology, and US History for juniors and seniors.

“I’ve wanted a teaching position where I could teach something that I’m passionate about and LHS was offering that exact position. I also valued how much the teachers loved their job because of the students. Getting this position is a dream come true! I love it here already!” she said.

Other than new teachers, LHS has also hired a new Social Worker, Ronald Hokanson. This job was just created this year and he works with the SIP classes and around the school.

“I wanted to work at LHS because I wanted the opportunity to work directly with students and be apart of a school atmosphere,” said Hokanson.

We’re glad to welcome these new teachers to the LHS staff.