“Decision Day” secures admission for community college

Decision Day secures admission for community college

Jordan Leal, News Editor

Holyoke Community college visited Ludlow School on Jan. 26, to meet with 70 students for Decision Day who plan on attending this fall. Students are guaranteed acceptance as long as they apply for open enrollment.

However, if the students are applying for a more competitive program such as nursing, they would would not be accepted on the spot. These applications will be looked at thoroughly and acceptance is not guaranteed

The Guidance department, who organized this event, explained that all students needed a copy of their transcripts and a completed HCC application before they met with the HCC representatives.

“I believe this was a really good opportunity for students to go and meet with all these college representatives face-to- face rather than mailing in all of their required materials,” said intern guidance counselor Christine Walker. “This gave seniors the chance to ask their questions one-on-one, and walk out of the room with an overall good feeling to know that they got in.”

Students as well are thankful for Decision Day because they are now assured that they will be in college this September.

“This Decision Day was like a stress reliever for me,” said senior Greg Cormier. “It took a lot of weight off my shoulders knowing I got accepted to a good college that will hopefully in the future get me to the next step at an even better college like UMass, Amherst.”

Now that students are accepted, they must take a placement test in English and Math that allows HCC to properly place each incoming Freshman in the appropriate courses. According to the  HCC admissions program, this portion of the enrollment process usually takes place during February vacation or early March.

After the placement tests, students will select their courses at the end of April or the beginning of May.

Cormier will be taking courses in general studies and liberal arts. “The admissions representative told me that those courses are best for an undecided major who wants to explore other options,” he said.

Students also had the opportunity for a secure acceptance to Springfield Technical Community College when representatives visited LHS on Jan. 12 for their own Decision Day.