P.E. creates its own March Madness

P.E. creates its own March Madness

Art students recreated the logos for all 68 teams in this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. They were displayed in hallways in the school.

Samantha Godding, News Editor

The physical education and art departments are using the NCAA tournament to teach students about colleges for “college month,” which is being held this March.

Information about the 68 “March Madness” college and university teams have been posted throughout LHS and students must “match the teams up with the colleges posted in  teacher’s classrooms,” said gym teacher Mrs. Rebecca Gauvin. Students will be awarded prizes for completion of the contest.

The art students drew the college’s logos or mascots that are in the hallways and the gym teachers laid out the rules of the contest to students.

“I drew one of the logo’s in art and by doing so I learned about college’s outside of Massachusetts,” said junior Jamie DeSimone. “Since it’s college awareness month the chance to match up colleges with teachers rooms helps me look at a bunch of different colleges and also learn about them.”

Students are doing this on their own time which is helping them learn about all the different types of schools out there according to Gauvin.

“We wanted to get students more excited about education,” said Gauvin. “So we made this a game in order to not only make students aware but also show them that there are places that they can go from here.”

On March 22 students can bring in their sheets and fill in their answers on a Scantron. Students will recieve a variety of prizes; sweatshirts and t-shirts from colleges and if students get the championship team right they will get a better prize.

“This helped me notice and get a feel for all the different kinds of colleges that are out there, ” said junior Meagan Moorhouse. “It gave me information not only about the college but about their majors and tuition fees.”