Meet the Candidates: Kylie Roach


Madelyn Ogorzalek, Feature Editor

In the upcoming election, Kylie Roach is running for the position of treasurer. Despite not being on the student council this year, Kylie knows that she is more than qualified for the role. 

“I’m part of a program called the Young Marines,” Kylie says, “There I picked up leadership skills.” 

In the Young Marines, Kylie is the one in charge of managing the money for trips. On a large scale Kylie has practiced dealing with a budget and knows the best ways to save and spend it. Despite not having the title of “treasurer” Kylie is already well-versed in the duties the label carries. 

Kylie is also an extremely strong student, with a 4.2 GPA, and a 98 average in her honors math class. Because of her grades, Kylie knows that she’s more than prepared for any mathematical problems. 

It isn’t just her math skills that make Kylie a great fit for treasurer, she also has many ideas for fundraisers. Specifically, Kylie likes the idea of “fun” fundraisers that allow students to have a break from the tiring school year. Events like powder puff are things that Kylie wants to use as fundraisers next year. 

Besides fundraisers, Kylie wants to create activities that engage her class. She wants to introduce more events like pep rallies and spirit week. Activities like these are another way for students to be involved in their class, and promote school spirit. 

For merchandise, Kylie wants to have a poll on what kind of clothing the students want, because she knows the importance of the student body’s opinion. Kylie likes the idea of the competition to decide what art would be on the merchandise. 

More than anything, Kylie “would love to be on the student council,” because she “truly wants to make the class of 2025’s experience better.”