Why Sierra Burgess is a loser

Why Sierra Burgess is a loser

Elsa Ouimette and Leah Keating

As many of you know the new movie Sierra Burgess Is A Loser came out recently and many people were outraged and can confirm that Sierra Burgess is a loser. This movie is very controversial and continues to offend and dismay many teens .

Spectators thought that the movie did not “live up” to its hype and instituted major problems and disputes. The main character, Sierra Burgess, played by Riverdale and Stranger Things star , Shannon Purser catfishes Jamey played by Noah Centineo. Many fans thought that the movie has transphobic undertones, is critical of people with disabilities and that it is romanticizing catfishing.

One afternoon Sierra is hanging out with Veronica, played by Kristine Froster. Veronica’s mom walks in,  who is played by Chrissy Metz, and questions her on why she’s hanging out with Sierra and is not at cheerleading practice where she can meet boys. Others argued that there were references to Sierra being considered a lesbian and how being part if the LGBTQ+ community is deficient and unacceptable

A twitter user tweeted “i thought this new Sierra Burgess movie was gonna be cute, but nope it is another noah centilocal problematic homophobic mess.”

In the film Veronica’s comrade Mackenzie played by Alice Lee tells Sierra she should write her paper “about [her] trans experience, super tropical.” Mackenzie never got in trouble for her joke. This film and the subjects relating to the film are stirring up strong opinions among the movie.

Another joke viewers were dismayed about was a hermaphrodite joke that was made in the film. Sierra fakes being deaf so she doesn’t have to speak to Jamey in real life. Dan, her best friend played by RJ Cyler, tells Jamey that he could say she’s a hermaphrodite and she would have no idea. Sierra then squeezes Dan so he will stop talking. He says that she is, of course, not a hermaphrodite.

This scene also made people enraged because it’s critical of those with disabilities. This is a very sensitive topic and should not be joked about. Nyle DiMarco, a deaf activist said he was “elated” when he found out the his friend’s deaf brother, Cochise Zornoza,  was going to be in the movie. He tweeted,

“Finally more deaf actors/representation & ASL inclusion in films … only to find out the deaf character was written and used for a terrible joke”

“Ps-pretending to be deaf is NOT ok.”

Many agreed and backed up DiMarco saying that it was able-ist. Actors/actresses with disabilities should be celebrated instead of mocked for everyone to see. We need more diversity in the show businesses rather than discriminating against those who are different.

Viewers also had an complication with Sierra and Jamey’s first kiss. The second kiss was totally consensual but, some are saying that the first was sexual assault. In the scene Jamey kisses Sierra thinking that it was Veronica causing many viewers to be indignant. One twitter user wrote,

“Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. And also a psychopath. The first kiss is sexual assault, a song does not show actual remorse and the empowering message is completely lost in the creepy plot.”

Overall, people thought that in the movie, the directors make it seem acceptable that Sierra catfishes Jamey and Sierra blames it on her looks. When in reality looks shouldn’t be portrayed as superior over a character’s personality. At the end of the film Sierra blames her mom for her looks and her mom being skinny, therefore she didn’t have any problems. This a major misconception as the way you look does not decipher or help you through life.  Directors of the film made the audience have too much empathy merely because of Sierra’s appearance.

Many say that this was fatphobia and a twitter used expressed their opinions on it.

“That’s fatphobic in and of itself because she thinks she gets a pass at being a horrible human being because she’s fat. Hey, FAT PEOPLE CAN HAVE HEALTHY LOVE LIVES WITHOUT BEING HORRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU”

This is derogatory to not only people who are overweight but also a huge misapprehension, because there is no excuse for being a detestable human being.

The biggest issue people have though is the catfishing situation. The whole plot of the movies is about a girl pretending to be someone else so a guy will like her. This is not what we should be portraying for younger girls to look up to. We should be empowering woman and not degrading them, by having them change in pursuit of a guy.