Class of 2018 Customizes T-Shirt

Class of 2018 Customizes T-Shirt

Ariel Vital, Staff Writer

This year the senior class created a unique design for their t-shirts with the help of Nicholas Morawiec, Matthew Goncalves, and Hannah Martin. Class advisors Kerry Valentine and Diana Sands also added their help.

While Morawiec designed the shirt, he livestreamed it on YouTube for his classmates to watch the artwork come to life.

“I streamed the designing of the shirts so it allowed some of the other students in our class to give feedback on what was being produced, in real time,” Morawiec said. Students were able to provide comments as he worked.

Goncalves brainstormed the idea for the shirt and Morawiec used his artistic skills to create the design. Morawiec came up with some of the placements of various aspects of the design and how everything would be structured. There was also a question of what shades of blue, their class color, to use.

“Through many back and forth conversations between Matt and myself, we finally decided on a variation of “Seniors” on the front of the shirts and a collegiate style banner for the back design,” said Morawiec.

This is not the first time the Class of 2018 collaborated to design shirts.

“For the last two years with the help of Nick and our student council, our t-shirts have been outstanding. It really shows how diverse our class is compared to the rest,” said Goncalves.

Goncalves commented on how lucky the class is to have Morawiec and how appreciative he is of his help.

The seniors made the final decision on the class quote. Although some wanted “Thirteen years, blood, sweat, and tears,” the majority of students chose “worth the wait, class of one eight.” Goncalves made a twitter poll and let the class decide what they wanted.

“The class also wanted to put “Gus 11” on the sleeve. I immediately agreed to this due to the fact that Gus was my neighbor and I grew up with him,” said Goncalves.

Augustus ‘Gus’ Adamopoulos was a classmate who died in the summer of 2010 in tragic boating accident. Gus’s family will be provided the T shirts for free.

“I wanted these t-shirts to be different. They have a much deeper meaning than just a class t-shirt,” Goncalves added.