5 Tips to help you study for midterms

Sarah Stephenson, Editor-in-Chief

Midterms are upon us and no one can escape them. Sadly the 93 average exemption does not apply to midterms. This week LHS students will study hours of material t for each class. Yes I know, it’s a nightmare.

But don’t fret just yet. Here are five helpful tips that will save you from crashing this week.

  1. Manage your time wisely. We may have half days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but this free time isn’t meant to be spent watching Netflix. Administration gives students half days during midterms for a reason. Use this time to study for your upcoming exams.
  2. Get a study buddy. Meet up with a fellow classmate and quiz each other on the material. This is more effective than rereading your study guide. Asking each other questions also prepares you for the test format.
  3. Use flash cards. If you don’t have a buddy available flash cards are the next best thing. Write out questions and definitions then quiz yourself. If you don’t have flash cards download the app Quizlet on your phone.
  4. Set up a rewards system. Set a goal for yourself and once you reach it reward yourself. Your goal can be go through your flashcards twice or study for an hour. After you complete your goal reward yourself with an episode of Netflix or ice cream. These rewards will motivate you to get your studying done.
  5. Study everything, even the material you think you know well. Many make the mistake of overlooking certain things because they “know”it, but when it comes to the test they forget the material because they focused too much on other things. Be sure to have a balance between each topic you study.

Follow these five tips and hopefully your stress levels will decrease and your studying skills will increase.