Walking in Beauty

Art Club decorates the halls of Ludlow High School

Walking in Beauty

Kaitlyn Peters , Staff Writer

While walking through the hallways of Ludlow High School, one will find the vibrant walls painted with historical figures, lions, monuments, and more.

The Ludlow High School Art Club is dedicated to making our school look as memorable as possible, from their crumpled pieces of paper to their paintings on the walls. They dedicate every Thursday after school to painting more and more masterpieces, whether it is in the hallways, or in a teacher’s room.

Along the history hall (B-Wing) Martin Luther King Jr., Rosie the Riveter, and various lion mascots rest on the walls of the school with pride.

In room B209 a painting of birch trees stands tall and majestic full of birds. The painting was a request from the teachers so the students have a room that gives off a calm vibe, and the Art Club nailed it.

“I love that it doesn’t look like a prison cell anymore,”says teacher Natalie Gebo. “When you walk in it’s so relaxing. I love all the work the club is doing it makes the school more enjoyable.”

There is even more art work all around the school, whether it is in the basement, downstairs, or even in the science wing (D-Wing), and it’s all because of the Art Club’s leader, Eliza Lacroix, the art teacher in room D004, who loves each of her workers equally. They put in their work, and at times, so does Lacroix.

“They are an awesome group of motivated artists,” says Lacroix. “The students collaborate with teachers and each other on ideas and use a variety of techniques to transfer their ideas to the walls, which are transforming our school environment.”

The staff of LHS loves the work that the club puts into our school.

“It makes me feel really warm inside, but not sick warm, happy warm. It’s just really lovely,” says David Hill of LHS staff.

Paintbrushes cleaned by the end of the day, old paint staining some of their clothes, it takes lots of clothing risks, it takes time, but when they work together, the Art Club makes the school more beauteous for the students and teachers.


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