Academics comes first for student athlete


Ben Taylor, Sports Editor

Senior Alyssa Guyon is well known for her role in athletics at LHS, she excels academically, and is an all around likable person.

Guyon has accomplished a lot in her Ludlow High School career, like Super 7 for volleyball, achieving 1,000 point club status for basketball, and she received the 2014 outdoor girls track athlete of the year recognition.

“I grew up playing basketball so I knew that I wanted to do it,” says Guyon. “For volleyball, I was just a good fit for it because I have good hand-eye coordination, I’m athletic, and I can jump. I’m not a runner in track but I’m strong and I could throw things far,” she said.

Guyon plays the positions of small forward in basketball, middle-hitter in volleyball, and throws shot put and javelin in track.

“There isn’t one sport season that I look forward to the most. I love them all equally,” says Guyon. “During volleyball season, I look forward to basketball, and in basketball season I look forward to track.”

One thing Guyon does to get herself pumped up before a big game or meet is listen to Iggy Azalea.

“I’m in the weight room lifting all year to get stronger,” says Guyon “I train in the weight room at least three times a week.”

In her spare time away from sports, Alyssa hangs out with her friends to take a little rest from her active lifestyle. Guyon also does her homework in between her school life and her sports life, as academics always come first.

“School is first. If I have a late practice or a game, I’ll go home first to do my homework. Weekends are a good time for homework and studying as well,” she says.

Guyon’s top two schools for higher education are Central Connecticut State University and Merrimack college. She wants to become a physician’s assistant.

Guyon hopes to maintain her balance between academics and sports throughout the rest of her senior year and into college as well.