The future of the LHS Portuguese club


Portuguese club President Zecarlos Roxo (right) and Vice President Nathan Ferreira.

Shayla Costa, Staff Writer

Every week you hear almost the same announcement every day, that the LHS Portuguese Club is going to have their next meeting this Wednesday after school.

Just recently, it held yearly elections for its new club advisors. The votes were in soon enough, and this year the club is proud to announce seniors Zecarlos Roxo as the new president, Nathan Ferreira the vice president, Breanna Saloio as the new secretary, and Alexis Pereira as the treasurer.

Last year the club was disappointed when Carnival was canceled due to lack of sales. In the past, the party offered tons of food and dancing for everyone to enjoy.

Carnival, which didn’t make the cut last year, will be held February 28th of next year.

The new elected advisors have already come up with ways to fundraise for causes and established set dates for other activities.

“The future is in good hands, we’re responsible and we have good ideas for fundraising,” Nathan Ferreira said about this year, “We’re gonna go all out.”

Unlike the French and Spanish club, the Portuguese club hasn’t had a far away trip yet. When asked about one anytime soon, they both agreed that it takes a lot of planning, thinking, money, and time, at least a year’s worth. However, after the success of the New Bedford trip last year, it is a major possibility that there will be another field trip in the works after the club gets their members opinions.

Katherine Afonso, a member of the LHS Portuguese club for four years now, shares that the field trip last year was very educational, and that she hopes that there will be another one planned for this year.

“It’s my last year, I want to experience as much as possible,” she said.

As for the many events the club puts on, this year promises a comeback. Senhora Santos-Pontes and the advisors have been carefully planning for this year, and have already worked out the club’s calendar and made sure that no sporting events would be held on these planned dates.

The event that the club is currently focused on right now is Sao Martinho, which is coming up on Nov. 7. It’s a teacher favorite, filled with delicious Portuguese food that the members make and bring in.

“It’s nice to see teachers enjoying what the club puts on and appreciating the Portuguese heritage,” said math teacher Mr.Pires.

Also for this year, on Dec. 18, the club will once again do their Christmas caroling at the Senior Center in Ludlow. The only restriction applied to this mini field trip is that only juniors and seniors will partake in it, just like last year. On April 11, members and even non-members can come and celebrate Portuguese heritage by attending the club’s dinner dance event. There’s tons of local Portuguese food and desserts, and, like the name says, a lot of dancing.

As always,  the club holds fundraisers to donate to cancer foundations. Santos-Pontes shares that the two this year is Ray’s of Hope and Relay for Life. Relay for Life is not until June, but Ray’s of Hope, a walk for breast cancer awareness, is Oct. 20 in Springfield. Pontes has high hopes for this fundraiser, she wants to get at least 10 participants to make a team for the walk and already has a set goal on how much she wants to raise.

“I would hope that our goal would be to raise $1,000,” she shares with me.

The club is sure to put on an amazing year. With everything planned and prepared, the new advisors want to make it their time to lead the club to great heights.

“I feel confident that we will accomplish our mission,” the president, Zecarlos Roxo, shared boldly.