Shoppers await Black Friday deals

Mackenzie Johnson, Staff Writer

Get out your wallets, clear out your closets, and get your coupons ready because Friday, Nov. 23rd is Black Friday.

Black Friday, as we know it, is a day of shopping with deals that can save you more than you spend, and any store you can possibly think of will have things on sale, from shoes and clothes to kitchen appliances. But, what really is Black Friday and how did it start?

The term “Black Friday” was created in the 1960’s, as a “kickoff” to the Christmas shopping season.  It symbolizes stores going from “red” to “black,” back when accounting records were by hand, and red ink showed a loss and black showed a profit.

Over time, store retailers finally realized that they could make more money if they had those big, one-day sales before Christmas time. The stores figured when people would go Christmas shopping, customers would buy more items, thinking they would leave with more for the same price. Once the secret got out, stores on every corner started having big “Black Friday” sales.

As much money as stores take in on this holiday, they certainly earn their profits. Workers will be at the stores hours earlier than normal and have many overtime hours. Some stores are opened from 5:00 a.m. to midnight, and have people camping out in tents, regardless of the weather, from dinner time the previous night. If you want to get the things you have on your list, you better get there a before they open their doors and the people start to pour in.

“I go Black Friday shopping every year,” said freshman Ava Parent. “I always find deals and get a lot of cute things that are normally really expensive for a great price. Its my favorite day of the year.”

Many of the larger chains and retailers post their coupons online up to two weeks prior to the holiday. Some of those you can get on or else they will be advertized directly on the store’s website. If you are looking to make purchases online, you can use coupon codes for things such as 25% off or free shipping.  You may have to wait a few extra days to get your items, but it may save you, and your tired arms, a few hours standing in line.