The Impact of Movies on People 


Kylie Gauvin, Guest Writer

We all know that feeling when leaving the cinema: inspired, driven, and imbued with a desire to take action. These sentiments come from the ability of movies, even with the most absurd plotlines, to speak to us. From action to comedy, from drama to thriller each movie can influence us and inspire people. 

My dad and I have always been movie obsessed. He introduced me to new films and shows and some resonated with me. I grew up watching the “Harry Potter” movies and falling in love with the big action films. “James Bond” and “The Avengers” are always playing on our home TV. 

When the newly released movies would drop, we would be ecstatic. My dad and I would drive to the movies, buy sweet candy and a large popcorn, and be entertained by the new film. There was a certain feeling about that in-person movie experience that was different from watching at home. As an 8-year old girl in theater, I was influenced by different heroines; Black Widow to become a strong independent woman and Herminone Granger to find my own passions in reading and be brave. 

Humans are always heavily influenced by the people they see on screen. Mr.Nacsin, a math teacher at Ludlow High School, speaks on a movie, Patch Adams (a movie about a man struggling with depression and his journey in becoming a doctor) and how it influenced him throughout the years, “ On a more serious level of impact…. Patch Adams. The movie just speaks to the compassion people can have to support others. The support and care demonstrated is something I remind myself of when dealing with others, though I’m not always capable of replicating it.” 

Each character can individually impact a person but it can also affect a society or group of people. Even movies like “Legally Blonde” or “Clueless” can inspire people. Jessica Trajkovski, a friend of mine and junior at Ludlow High School, wants a future in fashion and graphic design. She was inspired by the movie Legally Blonde, “because it proves that women can be into things like fashion and pink and still be smart; contrary to what people think.”

Everyone is influenced and inspired by a fictional character or movie. It gives kids a person who they strive to be like when they grow up, it gives young-adults an inspiration for their futures, and it encourages people to be themselves and have their own opinions.

I remember entering eighth-grade history class one spring morning and the old DVD player was sitting on the table. My history teacher put on “Remember the Titans.” An inspiring story about a racially integrated football team and centers around the important message about racial equality and acceptance. 

As a 14-year old, I started to understand how the world was different for others. If you’re a person of color, different sexuality, or  gender you may face inequalities that others do not understand. Every middle schooler in that class began to listen to learn how life experiences are different from others. 

Jacinda Hewes, a friend of mine and graduate of Ludlow High School, addresses how this movie individually impacted her, “Remember the Titans comes to mind first. It shows a strong message of accepting everyone and people coming together no matter their race through love.” Then throughout highschool, we would watch movies with all significant messages: “ Life of Pi”, “ To Kill the Mockingbird” and even the “Lorax”.

They all have vital impacts on students regardless if it is an animation or a documentary because as we are growing up we get different perspectives on life no matter how it is portrayed. Whether it be our favorite movie or book we are all inspired and impacted by the world around us. Exposing the incoming generation to these difficult topics in films helps people grow and learn from the movies. 

While movies and stories inspire all of us, we are also impacted and influenced by the actors. An actor or actress can make or break a movie. Actors like Florence Pugh, Dylan Obrien, and Robin Williams have inspired and influenced students and teachers in Ludlow High School. 

Trajkovski, spoke on how Florence Pugh influenced her as a woman and how she embodied the role of Amy March“ She portrayed Amy perfectly from the book standpoint.” Jess was inspired not only by the strength of Amy as a character but how a book she read growing up and a character she adored was brought to life in film. 

Hewes wrote how Dylan O’Brien (starred in shows like “Teen Wolf”, “Maze Runner”, and “American Assassin”)  influenced her because he “ is very down to earth and has so much respect and kindness towards everyone.” She has learned important life messages about respecting and showing compassion towards others. On a more humorous note, Hewes was also inspired by the fact that Dylan O’Brien is a “Swifty”. 

Nacsin was heavily influenced by Robin Williams, “I think Robin Williams was one of the best. He could do just about anything from serious to silly”. “He was able to grab your attention and keep it regardless of the topic or focus of the movie. Knowing what he did on screen and as a standup comedian while trying to cope with his mental health is inspiring.”

Movies inspire and influence people to pursue passions and goals in life. Films convey important messages; whether it be about inequality, kindness, acceptance, or mental health. No matter how difficult a topic is to talk about , movies can help share the message.  

It is important that we create movies that influence people in positive manners and help younger generations adjust to our divided world. Movies have an impact on society and I hope more films are produced that carry messages that inspire and influence others — just like how “Dead Poets Society” influenced me to be defined by my accomplishments and not individually who I am as a person and to take advantage of opportunities that come my way.