What To Watch On Netflix This Weekend… Cuddly Puppies and High School Drama

What To Watch On Netflix This Weekend... Cuddly Puppies and High School Drama

Ashley Haryasz, Staff Writer

Do you love dogs? Need a quick little pick me up or a reason to cry? Then watch “Precious Puppies,” a short documentary on Netflix about dogs, specifically adorable puppies. The documentary follows newborn dogs and and working dogs of all breeds while making you say “awww” constantly. No matter how many times you watch it in a row, it still makes you smile.

Imagine starting high school all over again but attending the best performing arts school in the country and having to deal with all the drama and pressure of school while trying to prove your worth.  

This Canadian coming-of-age drama is great to watch when you need to feel empowered in a cheesy way. The show follows a handful of students who specialize in singing, dancing, and DJ-ing, struggling to meet their expectations while dealing with personal issues such as self doubt, crumbling relationships, careers and health issues. The show is enjoyable to watch while not making you think too hard. If you ever need a show to watch that will make you see the extremes of all types of relationships in a relieving way, this is the show to watch.