Big E offers lots of entertainment

Sophia Furlani, Staff Writer

The Big E, held from Sept. 15 to Oct.1, was a big event that many people traveled from far places to attend.

Whether it be visiting Storrowton Village, the Midway, or the Craft Common, there are many places to explore at The Big E.

There are many rides to go on too. You can go on the Cliff Hanger, Fireball or the Zipper. If you’re not looking for a crazy ride, check out the Carousel, Tea Cups and even the Giant Wheel.

As well as the rides The Big E is known for its crazy but delicious food as well.  

One food you can’t miss is the fried oreos. They are at Tootsie’s Fried Dough, which serves dough nuggets as well. If you stop by New England Ave. you can try these treats and many more.

If you head into Commonwealth Ave. you’ll see a place called The Pork Palace. There you can try the BBQ sundae. It may sound gross, but many people find its combination quite good. Starting at the bottom there is cornbread, baked beans, mashed potatoes, pulled pork, coleslaw and a cherry tomato on top.

I asked Junior Isabella Eskett what her favorite food at The Big E is and she said, “I really like the soup at the Storrowton Soup Shack.”

Another place you can’t miss is the Avenue of states. If you aren’t familiar with this it contains six state buildings: Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Each building consists of food and accessories that are popular in that specific state.  

My favorite is the Vermont building because of the many maple treats they have there. They have maple popcorn, candy, and you can also buy their famous maple syrup.

Another great thing about The Big E is the concerts.

This year featured a lineup of, Smash Mouth, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Cheat Codes and plenty more.

Sadly, I did not get to see any of the bands perform, but junior Angela Hudyka got to see Smash Mouth. She tells me “They played really well and I’m glad I got to see them.”

I can’t wait to see who plays next year.

Get ready, The Big E will be happening September 14- 30!