Riveting Tales of Riverdale


Casey Lanza-Lang, Staff Writer

Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, and Veronica Lodge have been brought to life in a way they never have before. Telling the story of their sophomore year in high school, Riverdale follows the exciting and terrifying moments in their lives. Based on the original Archie Comics, The CW’s Riverdale is finding success in a way the comics never could.

Riverdale follows the lives of Archie and his friends in the midst of an ongoing murder investigation. Riverdale’s golden boy, Jason Blossom, has been missing for months after supposedly falling into the river while on a boat ride with his twin sister Cheryl. When his body is finally found with a bullet lodged into his forehead, the perfect little town is sent on a whirlwind. Secrets are kept, lies are told, and an unsettling amount of drama unfolds. On top of the fear of a murderer running free in Riverdale, each main character has his or her own familial and friendship drama to deal with.

Veronica is the new girl whose rich father was thrown into prison and was forced to leave her luxurious home in New York City to resettle in boring little Riverdale with her mother. She’s cold, cruel, and four kinds of evil. She instantly has heart eyes for Archie Andrews, causing instant riffs with Betty Cooper and Cheryl Blossom. Betty loves Archie, and Cheryl is the queen bee whose place on the Riverdale High throne is now threatened. Even with her standoffish and unapproachable (and slightly terrifying) demeanor, she quickly bonds with Archie, Betty, and even antisocial Jughead, making their group of three into a completed group a four that fits perfectly into the booths at Pop Tate’s Diner where all the teens in Riverdale frequent.

Betty Cooper is an absolute mess. Her sister has been sent away to somewhere unknown to Betty because of her relationship with the late Jason Blossom, her mother is the editor of the town’s paper, caring more about publishing drama than actual news, and her closest friend, Archie Andrews, doesn’t love her back. Throw in a murder mystery, queen bee Cheryl who absolutely hates her, and a struggling friendship with her closest friend, and you have the sum of Betty Cooper: caring, selfless, perfectionist, Betty Cooper who would do anything to protect her friends and sister.

Jughead Jones is the mystery boy. He’s a writer who’s always wearing dark clothes and headphones, typing away on his computer and ignoring the world around him. That is, unless it has to do with Archie, Betty, or Jason Blossom’s murder. He’s the narrator of the show, telling viewers the story of Riverdale. He’s writing a novel that tells the deepest darkest secrets of the people around him, himself included. To put it simply, he’s a lonely kid who’s bullied a lot in school and has a terrible home life. Ever since his falling out with Archie (and Betty, by association), his story has gone downhill. When he’s given the chance, he takes advantage of the opportunity to rekindle friendships with both Archie and Betty, as well as form a new one with Veronica. Together once again, the group faces everyday struggles and the fear of a murderer running amuck with grace, and with Jughead’s frequent sarcasm and sardonic humor.

Archie Andrews is the golden boy. He’s incredibly attractive, with his ginger hair and chiseled jawline. He’s a fantastic athlete as well as being a talented musician. He’s got the whole package, so it makes sense that everyone loves him. Girl-next-door Betty and new girl Veronica are obsessed, and Archie hates it. He likes both of them, but not in the way that they want him to. Instead, he’s got the hots for his music teacher, Ms. Grundy. Besides the fact that the relationship is illegal and Ms. Grundy could get fired for their indiscretions, they also know something about the day Jason Blossom died that no one else knows. With Archie’s guilt and Ms. Grundy’s insisted secrecy, it’s a constant struggle for Archie. With the focus on music and his talent, Archie, who’s an honest, caring and intriguing individual, adds a lighthearted dynamic to a heavy show.

Riverdale is everything the comic is and more. It’s funny, sweet, dramatic, and exciting. With a murder mystery and various other suspenseful storylines to follow, The series has something for everyone. Lots of relationships and crazy things happen. Riverdale is a wild ride that I’m happy to be on.