Why Him? wows audiences with lots of laughs

Why Him? wows audiences with lots of laughs

Casey Lanza-Lang, Staff Writer

Looking for a laugh? Searching for holiday spirit? The holidays are over, but Why Him? will keep your holiday spirit alive. Packed with hilarious jokes and outrageous stunts, the movie keeps you laughing for its entire two-hour run. Sure, the jokes are a bit cheesy from time to time, but they put a bright smile on your face and leave you with a feeling that your time and money were well spent.

Why Him? tells the awkward story of a man named Ned Fleming who is given the chance to go to California and meet the man of his daughter, Stephanie’s, dreams. The only problem? The man of her dreams is a billionaire app creator named Laird who happens to be 10 years older than her, and a little eccentric. Laird has various tattoos of words and faces all over his body. One of them is actually the Fleming family’s Christmas card, which makes the entire family uncomfortable. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind, either. He swears quite often and makes inappropriate innuendos constantly. He’s a bit obnoxious, and Ned is incredibly shocked and disappointed in his daughter’s choice of a significant other, which is a relatable experience for the audiences to connect with. How often do children take their significant others home to their parents and face criticism and disappointment? All the time. No one is ever good enough for our loving parents. That’s why, when Laird asks Ned for his blessing to marry Stephanie, Ned loses his mind.

With an angry father who hates her boyfriend and a fun-loving boyfriend who wants to impress her father, Stephanie is struggling to find a middle ground. Being the moderator of sorts, Stephanie is a likeable character. She tries to see both sides of the feud she is in the middle of. Little does she know, however, Laird is gearing up to propose and Ned is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she says no. As Christmas approaches, Laird is doing everything in his power to win Ned over. He throws a party, builds a bowling alley (in his house), and takes Ned Christmas tree shopping, all thrilling and joyous experiences for the audience to see. Meanwhile, Ned is seething, willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Stephanie will never marry Laird.

Craziness and absolute chaos ensues. A ridiculously hilarious fist fight on Christmas (Laird’s been training in evasive parkour and mixed martial arts) and the surprising yet somehow fitting appearance of two members of Kiss later, has Laird finally won Ned over? Has Laird actually won Stephanie over? If he asks for her hand in marriage, will she say yes? The film ends with ample answers to all of these questions. The creators leave it open for a possible sequel, which would be quite exciting. Movies as funny as this aren’t released too often, and it would be nice to see where Stephanie and Laird’s lives take them in the years to come.

There’s a healthy dose of true romantic drama in the comedy stylings of Why Him? but it isn’t overbearing. It’s the perfect film for a group who can’t decide between a romance and a comedy. The only restriction here, is age. The movie earned itself an R rating with its crazy antics. Between the constant swearing, the sexual innuendos, the awkward situations, and the downright outrageousness, it isn’t a movie for children. If you’re over the age of 17 and looking for movie filled with laughs, holiday spirit, and a bit of romance, Why Him? is the film for you.