Doctor Strange is strange and exciting


Casey Lanza-Lang, Staff Writer

With Disney pumping out new Marvel movies with great frequency (two every year, to be exact) it’s a wonder how they continue to create movies that are interesting enough to attract so many millions of fans. Using the Marvel comic books as inspiration, this past November, they introduced Doctor Strange to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the film certainly lived up to its title.

Doctor Strange’s story didn’t start out too strange. Dr. Stephen Strange was just a brilliant neurosurgeon who crashed his car. His hands are ruined in the crash, rendering him incapable of neurosurgery. Lost without his work, he’s willing to do anything to fix his hands. Next thing you know, he’s found a way to use his hands again that includes conjuring things with his mind and fighting multi-dimensional baddies. The road from borderline paralyzed to magical powerhouse is long for Strange, but Marvel guides the audience through it in a timely and interesting manner. Within a half an hour, you’ve established who Stephen Strange is, the tragedy that befell him, and what he’s willing to do to fix it.

As shown in most of the Marvel movies, the casting was fantastic. With actors and actresses who perfectly encompass their roles, such as Benedict Cumberbatch (who I was previously NOT a fan of) as Stephen Strange, the lovely Rachel McAdams as Stephen’s “love interest” Christine Palmer, the supremely talented Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, and the experienced Mads Mikkelson as the main “big baddie” that I mentioned before, it’s easy for fans to get lost in the world of Doctor Strange.

The casting isn’t the only thing that Marvel got right. The effects are amazing. When I say amazing, trust me, I mean amazing. I think it’s safe to say the movie is quite strange. Strange, really, is an understatement. With characters who have magical powers and universes completely different from ours, it’s hard to stay realistic. The animators and designers from Doctor Strange are a step above the rest in the industry in this respect. They brought the craziest things to life before our eyes. With a scene dedicated to showing the audience a few of the other universes available to our favorite neurosurgeon-turned-magician and the Ancient One, we see the Marvel crew bring space, crystals, creatures, and a floating man together in a way that’s easily defined as “trippy.” With so many colors and odd things flying around during the scene, as well as hearing the Ancient One’s enchanting voice narrating the events taking place, this part of the movie is certainly something to remember.

With hits like Captain America: Civil War, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Iron Man, Marvel certainly knows what their fans want. They never seem to disappoint and it seems as though they never will. With marvelous casting, fantastic effects, and a well structured story, Marvel has done it again with Doctor Strange. They did it so well, in my humble opinion, they made me actually like Benedict Cumberbatch. How crazy is that? Whether you’re a superhero fan who (somehow) hasn’t seen it yet, or just someone looking for an entertaining and unique film to see, Doctor Strange is the movie to see.