Gear Up Day Greatly Reduces Seniors’ Stress


Casey Lanza-Lang, Staff Writer

Applying for colleges is a stressful experience for everyone involved. Whether you hold the role of the student who has the task of summarizing the past four years of their lives on just a few pieces of paper, the parent who’s struggling to fill out forms and come up with loans and money to help their children, or the admissions counselors who spend weeks and months deciding who to include in their freshman class, you’re probably feeling a bit stressed. This is why Ludlow High School’s guidance office hosts a Gear Up Day, or instant decision day, every year.

This year’s Gear Up Day took place on Wednesday, Dec. 7 and many of the seniors walked away pleased, knowing the status of their admission within minutes of submitting their applications. I took part in the decision day myself, choosing to apply to Elms College. The admissions counselor representing the Elms, was incredibly friendly and gave off a warm feeling of kindness. She wore a bright smile and made me feel comfortable talking to her. The counselor also explained everything regarding my application entirely and answered any questions that I had. It was an eye-opening experience for me. I became familiar with the questions and responses that are a part of the admissions process. I found out my chances of getting accepted (which are practically bulletproof) and was given an estimate for how much I can expect in scholarships (I’m getting between $17,000 and $19,000, in case you were wondering).

The instant decision day was an amazing opportunity for me. I was lucky enough to try my hand at interviews with admissions counselors, as well as gain knowledge of what colleges want and how they operate. I now know how the Elms gives out merit-based scholarships as well as how admissions counselors of any college will look at my transcript and make their decision about my acceptance. With this knowledge, applying to colleges will become much easier for me and, I imagine, many other students who took part in this event.

As a senior of the class of 2017, I write this for Ludlow High’s underclassmen: TAKE PART IN THE GEAR UP DAY! It is so useful and helpful in the college application process. The price of the application is waived, there’s a great chance you’ll get some form of a scholarship (if you’re accepted), and you’ll save time and stress by avoiding the long wait for an acceptance letter! Students who are looking to stay in the area when they attend college should definitely keep the Gear Up Day in mind when it comes time for the stressful (but rewarding!) college application process.