Wild Wings and where to get them


Téa Goncalves, Staff Writer

Two of my favorite places to get chicken wings are Buffalo Wild Wings and Wings Over. Each place has great wings and they both have their own strengths.

Buffalo Wild Wings

One day my dad and I wanted to go somewhere to eat and we wanted wings. We decided on Buffalo Wild Wings in Chicopee on Memorial Drive because it is close to home and they were showing the Bruins game we wanted to watch.

When I walked in I immediately saw that there were TVs lining the walls to watch the NBA or NHL games of the night or to catch up on fantasy football teams.

As my dad and I sat down and looked at the menus, we realized we had many options to choose from, especially as far as the wings.

There are 21 flavors of wings with the choice between their signature sauces like mango habanero and blazin’ or their dry seasonings like desert heat and salt and vinegar. There is also a choice of getting the traditional wings with the bone in, or boneless wings.

Apart from the wings there are many options for meals, from burgers and sandwiches to salads. Sharables are like appetizers and are good options for a large group of people.

After a long time of going back and forth, we decided on four flavors of traditional wings; sweet barbeque, bourbon honey mustard, mild, and parmesan garlic. We also ordered a side of fries and potato wedges.

After a short wait our food came out and it smelled like sweet barbeque and tangy parmesan. The wings were organized on the plate by flavor and it made our mouths water. I could still hear the sizzle because they had just come out of the kitchen.

As I bit into the wings I tasted the flavor of the crispy skin. The chicken was fresh and was not overcooked. One of my favorite parts was the fries. They are thin and crispy and they have a generous amount of salt, which I love.

Another good thing is the price. People can get a large plate of up to four flavors of traditional wings with 20 wings for $21.29.

At Buffalo Wild Wings there’s exceptional food for a good price and people are always leaving satisfied.

Wings Over Springfield

After our experience at Buffalo Wild Wings, my dad and I thought we should try somewhere new for wonderful wings. We decided to try Wings Over Springfield on Parker Street, one of its many locations.

It was Sunday afternoon and it was time for football so we thought it would be a good idea to get takeout so we could enjoy them during the game.

We pulled up their website and were pleasantly surprised by their variety. They have 23 flavors of wings on their menu, with a choice of a sauce or dry seasoning.

After another long decision on what to get, we decided on four flavors; barbeque, wimpy, parmesan garlic, and honey mustard. We also ordered a side of fries and onion rings.

When we picked up our food, it left our whole car smelling like tasty wings. The bag was very hot, letting me know the wings were going to be nice and warm to eat. I was tempted to eat them right there.

The wings were delicious just like we expected. Some of their flavors came in dry seasoning instead of the the same flavor coming in the sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings and it created a different, yet amazing taste.

They smelled amazing and everyone thought they tasted yummy. It was a great way through a close Patriots game.

The prices for these wings are even better than Buffalo Wild Wings. We ordered the B-1 Bomber which came with 25 wings and the price was $19.99.

The Verdict

After trying these two places it was very difficult to pick which was better. Buffalo Wild Wings has a great atmosphere and Wings Over has a great price. Both places have great wings. It all depends on what people are looking for. I will definitely go back to both of these places in the future.