Panera Bread certainly pleases


Stephanee Bouthiller, Staff Writer

This past week, I had heard a group of friends talking about how indescribably delicious Panera Bread is. After hearing how good it was from multiple people, I had to try it myself.

I took action and went one day after school. I didn’t think this place was going to be as everyone hyped it up to be because I assumed all they sold was very limited foods like soups and sandwiches. Although, there is a wide selection of things to chose from. I have to admit, It might just be my new favorite restaurant to eat at.

Panera has all varieties of foods, such as sandwiches, bagels, salads, sweets such as cookies, brownies, coffee cakes, scones, and rolls. Also their famous soup bowls and mac n’ cheese. Mac n’ cheese is what I’ve heard the most positive feedback about.

Since mac n’ cheese was all that many people talked about from Panera, that was the first thing I ordered. I do have to admit, it tastes like no other. It is made with creamy white cheddar and tastes very delicious. I ordered a chicken caesar salad on the side as well.

I was with two of my best friends Brianna Chabot and Callie Dowd. They both ordered what I ordered and were just as pleased with the taste of it as I was.

The employee’s were very nice as I was ordering. They had a smile from cheek to cheek and helped me decide what to get since it was my first time there. The food I ordered took no less than 2 minutes to be ready for me to eat. Since the service was quick and easy, it made my first experience at Panera Bread a very memorable one.

Next time I go, and trust me there will be a next time, I will probably try Panera Bread’s famous soup, in a sourdough bread bowl. The menu offers many soups like clam chowder, baked potato, broccoli cheddar, cream of chicken and many more.